Hear from our Alumni.

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Giampolo Rivera

Columbia University

SHPE provided a platform to develop and enhance soft skills via the various tasks required to run and operate a chapter. Encouraged group work that is essential in the real world; no matter the industry. Accountability is key to career development and personal growth, and SHPE provided that platform where it forces individuals to respect other peoples time.


Christian Garcia

New York City Transit

If it wasn’t for SHPE, I wouldn’t have had a career in engineering, lived in New Orleans or have the professional experiences I gained over the years. While I wish I had been more involved during my senior year of college, I am ecstatic to be providing and contributing back to SBU SHPE as an alumni member.

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Jeffrey Villalon

Turner Construction Company

[SHPE] has given me this sense of leadership. You can’t be a leader without first attempting to be one. SHPE till this day introduces me to interesting people and ensures I do not lose touch with the hispanic community and those willing to learn. Every now and then I feel spiritually drained and then I go to a SHPE event and get re-inspired!